Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Ballad of the Hermeneutic Circle - Pt III. - pg. 13

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Next:"That's a place where criticism goes wrong: it keeps trying for the complete solution. I think the point of criticism is to build up the mystery. And the point is to find movies which have a lot of puzzle in them, a lot of questions."
-Manny Farber, 1977

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Blast-Off Girls Meltdown

Click to see a bigger version of the best parody (?) of the worst Bond movie!

L.A. Weekly's BEST COMEDY SHOW IN L.A. 2008!
I also say it's the best stand-up show in L.A., if you're one of the many people for whom that carries more weight. Why? Because of all the free delicious Asahi on hand. There is also free gross Teazazz on hand. Also free delicious laughter.

If you want free beers, just buy a thing at the store. NECA just released new Death Proof and Beetlejuice action figures, which personally gives me more of a nerd-boner than a Power Girl statue.*

Dana "Fucking" Gould, man. No lie. Maybe he'll tell some jokes about the Sigmund and the Sea Monsters script he's writing! If he doesn't, I'm going to yell out loud.

*Note: all joking aside, these figures suck.